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About L Travel

Company Introduction

L Travel Center is run by a team of experienced professional in the tourism industry. Each member of the management team has over 30 years experience in the development of travel agencies. Our company focus in gathering elite in the tourism industry. With their valuable experience, enthusiasm for tourism and constant review of the demand in our society, our team is committed to providing first class travel services to meet different types of customer needs. Our aim is to constantly seek new breakthroughs in the best interests of our customers.

Soaring the world with ease and comfort

L Travel provide all types of outbound travel and a wide range of services to meet different requirements of the travelers. We continue to explore new routes and sophisticated tourism products.

In addition to group tours, L Travel also offers a range of travel-related services, such as air tickets and hotel packages, sea and land transport arrangement, luxury cruise travel, business travel, study tours and other services. We also provide independent group tour, specially tailor-made to meet different customer needs for their dream trips.

One-stop professional services

To achieve first class standard, all of our tours are carefully planned and the whole process will be closely monitored. Each group will be led by at least one tour leader that holds various licences, recognized by the Travel Industry Council. Our tour leaders are qualified professional advisers, holding different licences covering diversified areas in tourism. Our aim is to provide one-stop service to ensure our customers enjoy and relax throughout the whole journey.

Our Mission

With the rapid growth in our social and economic development, travel has become the most preferred lifestyle in enhancing the quality of life and to broaden our horizons. Each member of the Company's management team and employees looks forward to becoming the best partners for our customers in creating enjoyment and professionalism. We are dedicated to serve the public wholeheartedly and to contribute to the community to the best of our ability. This is the foundation of the company's business philosophy and core value for the long-term development of the company.

First class services:

We provide well-designed itineraries, cautiously looking for innovative and positive changes, coupled with many different tourism products, with the aim to provide journeys that are rich in itineraries, value for money and pleasant for the travelers. In addition, we are experienced in providing special tailor-made itineraries for travelers with particular needs. Our goal is to provide attentive, enthusiastic, efficient and classy service.


We do our best to understand the different needs of our customers. We provide customers with dynamic and satisfying travel services with meticulous planning and careful execution. Our aim is to bring to our customers very happy and memorable journeys.

Unique services:

With our management team's unique experience in the tourism industry, we endeavour to keep track of new trends in the industry, develop and design unique trips around the world. To explore new travel places is our long-term strategy.